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Media Coverage of Climate Change and Environmental Issues (2022)

Needs Assessment and Action Plan
Languages: [Georgian] [English]

Authors: Gvantsa Gverdtsiteli, Lasha Kavtaradze, Nino Janashia

To identify the gaps and challenges in the Georgian media landscape in terms of covering climate and
environmental issues and to assess the needs of Georgian media organizatio
ns as well as individual reporters, a qualitative study was conducted. Furthermore, an action plan was developed in accordance with the key findings.

The Needs Assessment was commissioned by Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

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The Politics of Climate Change in Georgia: Towards EU Integration (2021) 

Research Paper

Languages: [Georgian]

Authors: Gvantsa Gverdtsiteli, Nino Janashia

The main objective of the study was to analyze the political discourse of the Georgian political elite on climate change in the context of EU integration. The publication provides an analysis of the views of politicians at the 10th Convocation of the Georgian Parliament, both from the ruling party and the parliamentary opposition and discusses whether these views are consistent with or contradict the European Union's stated positions on climate policy.

Summary of the study in English

The study was conducted as part of the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBS) Green Academy Small Grants Program.

The Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Policy on Employment: Case of Georgia (2021)

Research Paper

Languages: [Georgian] [English]   

Authors: Maka Chitanava, Nino Janashia, Irakli Samkhardze, Ketevan Vardosanidze

​The main aim of the research was to determine and explore the potential impacts of Georgia’s climate change mitigation policy in the labour market context, considering the global climate change mitigation trends, including climate neutrality and reduction of coal mining, demand and usage.


The research was funded by Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung/FES) in the frame of the Small Grants Program.

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